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Sforza Castle

Milan's Sforza Castle: a plunge into the history of the Duchy of Milan

Staying in a hotel in the centre of Milan makes you feel like staying at the very centre of the centre of Italy – pardon the pun!  The Italian Big Apple, renowned for its great business opportunities, can make wonders in just a weekend with its wealth of things to do and see.

For instance, you can take the underground from Crocetta or Missori station, which are both very close to central Hotel Canada, and head for Sforza Castle.

A little history

The stages underwent by Milan's Sforza Castle  are strongly connected to the political events involving the city, as it has been one of the landmarks for local power since the very moment it was built.
Erected back in the fourteenth century to please Galeazzo Visconti, it was then destroyed by the Ambrosian Republic and later reconstructed by Francesco I Sforza and still bears his name. In Ludovico Sforza, the Moor days it became one of the greatest military citadels in Europe thanks to the contribution of artists and geniuses of the standing of Leonardo Da Vinci and Bramante. Its structure was altered throughout the centuries and it served a number of purposes under the Spanish, Hapsburg and Napoleonic domination. Its present look is the outcome of the most recent restoration works, carried out in 2005.

Castello Sforzesco - Things to see

Milan' Sforza Castel regularly hosts cultural events, exhibitions and much more. In addition, the area of the former imposing military citadel nowadays proposes:
  • The Castle Art Gallery
  • The Egyptian Museum
  • The Prehistoric Museum
  • The Museum of Ancient Art
  • The Musical Instruments  Museum
  • The Furniture Museum
  • The Museum of Applied Arts
  • Tour of the exterior crenels and visit to the guards room

How to reach it from Hotel Canada

As already said, Sforza Castle is really easy to reach from 3 star superior Hotel Canada. Follow this itinerary and enjoy a stroll around the centre as well.
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