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The Royal Palace

Beyond the Duomo: come in and visit the Royal Palace as well

Your historical centre tour will lead you to another of the city’s outstanding seats of power: Milan's Royal Palace, located right opposite the Duomo.

A little history

To track the origins of   Milan's Royal Palace you would have to go back to the Middle Ages, more precisely to the age of the Communes, when it was known as Palazzo del Broletto Vecchio.
Later on, with the advent of the Signoria, it was renamed Palazzo Ducale. It was the French, and then the Spanish, who moved in with their entourage, to turn it into a true Royal Palace.
Following centuries of stalemate, serious damage and fires, in the 1700s the Royal Place thrived under the Habsburg domination, even hosting the Court Theatre (which after a terrible fire was relocated in the present Teatro alla Scala theatre), and then experience Napoleon’s rule and the Restoration period. 

How to reach it from Hotel Canada

Milan's Royal Palace is situated opposite the Duomo, which means within walking distance from our   extremely central hotel.

Check out this specific itinerary and discover how close it is .

Things to see

  • Hall of Caryatids
    The highly evocative Hall of Caryatids, surely really sumptuous and imposing in the past, was irremediably damaged by disastrous bombing in 1943. It is situated on the piano nobile of the Royal Palace and you can now see its remains, consolidated and partly revived by thorough restoration. 
  • The Enlightenment halls
    A project which was never completed focused on the creation of a kind of Royal Palace Museum highlighting the different stages of the Royal Palace over history. Currently, following restoration works, you can visit the halls dating back to the reconstruction by Piermarini to the Napoleonic period - the years during which the Enlightened city was extremly influential throughout Europe.
  • Cultural Centre and Exhibitions
    Nowadays Milan's Royal Palace, thanks to a positive and valuable synergy involving other exhibition  venues such as  Rotonda della Besana,  Palazzo della Ragione and, above all,  Palazzo dell’Arengario, stands as a landmark for Milan's cultural scene, hosting international art exhibits.
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