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Charity Hotel In Milan

The 8 % of the amount of each room will be donated to a non-profit organization

This offer is still

We have met "Oltre FoodForBrains" through our employee Alfonso that is a volunteer of the Organization, thanks to him and others volunteers, Federica and Giulia, we have believed in their project and adhered to it.
Through this initiative we imagined the smile of children in receiving a book, but even more we have imagined to help them in realizing their dreams.
Oltre FoodForBrains a non profit organization based in Milan, its aim is to support education, its mission is to feed the minds, inspire imagination.
The project we will support is called "Maktaba" that means library in the swahili language, the project will provide libraries in the primary and secondary schools in central Tanzania in the Isimani area. Books and teaching materials will be delivered by the volunteers to enhance and improve the quality of education of children in the schools.

To help realize the dream of the Hotel Canada and of the Organization, we have created the "Charity Room", so you will have the opportunity to help us.
If you want to donate to the Organization "Oltre FoodForBrains", you can book the "Charity Room" through the online booking at Hotel Canada in Milan and the 8% of the sum will be donated to the project .

Our wish is to help children in Tanzania donating a little gesture of love in order to realize a big dream.

If you want to learn more about the Organization you can visit the web site, soon after booking the "Charity Room" you will receive the thanks of the Organization and updates about the projects.

Thank you for taking your time
The Hotel Canada’s Staff

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